Clothing Designed to Aid

Our company is dedicated to making highly functional, low cost, sustainable clothing designed specifically for emergency relief situations



Our Goal

To create impactful Apparel for marginalized populations

At Firefly, our goal is to create clothing specifically designed to aid. But what does this really mean? First, it means expanding what we think clothes are designed to do. Can we create a product that does more than keep you warm and covered? Can we use clothes to provide aid in many aspects of our user's lives?

Second, it means not designing for refugees, but designing with refugees. We must let the needs and wants of our user drive our innovation, as no one knows how to help them better than they do.

Lastly, it means creating a solution that is simple yet effective, impactful yet affordable. To accomplish all of these goals, we had to pay close attention to detail, or as we like to say, we had to be sure that every stitch of our garment had a clear purpose.

Our Process

Human centered design + Social entrepreneurship + Innovative Engineering

Everything we do is for the refugee. We work with refugees, international partners, professors, colleagues and each other to craft thoughtful solutions that serve immediate needs. As we conduct extensive research and development, rapid prototyping sessions and team meetings, we connect every decision we make to empower and improve the lives of refugees.

Our Thermal

purposely functional

While visiting the refugee camps in Greece, we learned that access to true, consistent warmth was a pressing problem. From lack of sleep to hypothermia to skin infections, the refugees’ experience with apparel is severely poor. We’re here to change that.